Regarding Truth, first of all:

* We all have a vital, practical need to know and have a well-grounded confidence in what actually is true (not just what we’d like to or been taught to believe), particularly in ultimate matters

* Existing in a state of uncertainty, confusion, unbelief, or denial regarding truth (and especially ultimate truth) is devastatingly harmful to our well-being and that of others.

* Existing in a state of confident but poorly-grounded belief will have permanent, deleterious, even deadly consequences both personally and socially.

* Two conflicting claims to truth cannot both be right.  They may both be completely wrong, one may be fully right, or there may be some mixture of truth and error in both.

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Further, truth by its very nature, once established, is:

* Objective – Not affected by denials, distortions, antipathy, coverups, or any other purely subjective attempt to imagine, distort, alter, or deny its reality (although we often make concerted efforts to do so).

* Unchanging (immutable) – Once established in reality, truth is settled, constant, dependable, not subject to alteration

* Independent – Fully free in its existence and from any type of manipulation

* Self-contained – See also independent above

* Not conflicted – Harmonious in and with itself, fully at peace, stable, and secure

* Permanent – Once established, it continues to exist and can only be transmuted, but likely not obviated, by divine power or decree

* Inescapable – Full, naked confrontation with reality (including especially ultimate reality) can at best only be delayed but cannot finally be avoided

* Precise – Exacting and narrowly inclusive (and so also rigidly exclusive)

* Factual – In full accord with facts, reality, or what really is

* Discoverable – Some truth can be found through patient, humble observation, experiment, research, and testing

* Absolute – Pure and wholly unadulterated with no mixture of falsehood, error, or unreality

* Derivative – Takes its nature and existence from the ultimate ontological reality (God)


Some general types of truth:

* Prosaic – Everyday facts and events

* Structural – Laws of Science, Morality, Ethics, Logic, Math, etc.

* Revealed – Truths unachievable by any human means including reason, moral striving, etc., but only by free, divine, loving accommodation to our finite capabilities

* Ultimate – The source and end point of truth (God Himself), beyond which and without which there is nothing


Is there any truth that is not absolute?  Or, alternatively, is there absolute truth? 

* Some people thoughtlessly attempt deny the nature of truth by unreflectively making such self-refuting, illogical, absolute statements as:  “There is no absolute truth.”

* The proper reply to that of course is, “Absolutely?”.

* Seeing that truth cannot logically be denied by making an absolute statement about its nature, all genuine truth is indeed by its very nature absolute (i.e., pure, unadulterated, etc.).

* Truths are, in addition, prosaic, structural, revealed, or in one specific case, ultimate, etc. (see above).

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To know truth, we must:

* Have a genuine passion / love for truth, regardless of where it leads

* Rely on & acknowledge divine assistance

* Find, recognize, accept, and welcome truly authoritative sources of truth

* Use utmost, prayerful caution to accept and welcome only that which is actually true (not just that which appeals to us or makes us comfortable)

* Have the ability to recognize and know truth when encountered by it

* Unreservedly embrace truth when definitely encountered

* Be ready to fully conform our thinking, desires, choices, and actions in full submission to truth


Where can truth be found?

* Truth, even in prosaic matters, can be understood only with divine empowerment, gifting, or assistance.

* In prosaic matters, via precise, comprehensive, quality investigation as that gift resides in or is imparted to us (i.e., by observation, testing, logic, and often hard / extensive work).

* In ultimate matters, by genuine revelation of of the divine mind &/or being (i.e., Holy Scripture (the Bible) as divinely enlightened, flowing solely from divine, accommodating initiative by patient, careful, studious meditation of believing, pious persons).

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