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Hi, there!  Doug Wallace here, author of this site & blog, a Colorado (U.S.A.) native of Scottish and Swiss extraction, born right after WWII, son of an east Texan USAF officer and his Colorado homesteader wife, one of four boys.  As a child I crossed the Pacific four times in troop ships with my mother and brothers right after WWII, living in the Philippines, Japan, and then various states I was raised in a typical (for those decades in the USA) conservative, dispensationalist, somewhat Arminian (man has the deciding vote in salvation), revivalistic (often emotional calls for immediate decision) theology / low church (informal liturgy) ecclesiology (how we understand and practice worship).  My parents were called by gospel preaching, coming to saving faith in the early 1950’s and raising us boys in a variety of conservative, evangelical, often Baptist type churches.

Like all true Christians, eternally known and, in love,  chosen by God (and like all such absolutely not from any divinely acceptable or approved personal virtue or action) and with profound relief and gratitude through the divine gift of repentant faith in Christ graciously delivered and effected via the means of the biblical preaching of the gospel,  I was drawn over many years, called, justified and united with Christ, being adopted by God into His great and loving family in heaven (His Church Triumphant) and on earth (His still sinful, struggling, spiritually-warring, pilgrim Church Militant), being monergistically (at the sole initiative of God and by the Spirit of God alone) converted to Christ, freed from the bondage of sin, Satan, and death (as all true Christians are) in the mid 70’s out of eight tumultuous and increasingly dark, confused, and painful years.

During those years I became deeply involved in a wide variety of pagan, occultic, ‘New Age’ philosophies, ideas, and practices, things which had swept into vogue with surprising, unexpected power in the mid 1960’s in America and western civilization via music, drugs, ‘new’ ideas & practices, etc.  My involvement in those things started while stationed on a ship in Boston while serving 4 years in the U.S. Navy during the early part of the Vietnam War and involved trips to the Harvard college bookstore in Cambridge where I bought dozens of occultic, metaphysical, and philosophical books and started experimenting with drugs, ‘meditation’, etc.  After about 8 years increasingly deep involvement in those ideas / practices (all the way from Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Theosophy, witchcraft, Jungism, to a tiny Japanese cult) and being graciously delivered from a the spiritual powers behind those profoundly sinister, deeply deceitful, delusion inducing, powerfully destructive, soul damning practices, there followed decades in charismatic, Southern Baptist, and now, finally, a historically confessional, reformed church (with briefer stops among Methodists, Lutherans, generic evangelical mega-churches, etc. along the way).

Shortly after my conversion in the mid-70’s, I married a Christian woman, a Dutch immigrant of excellent character and spirituality and am now a father of 5 grown kids and a grandfather.  After my conversion and having obtained a B.S. with honors in accounting, for 30 years I was a corporate accountant in the oil & gas and internet industries, that career intersected by 6 years of pastoral studies and ministry.

In the early 90’s, we (6 of us at the time) moved from Colorado to Kentucky for studies at the historic Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky just as the dominant latitudinarian (Arminian, neo-orthodox, ‘higher’ critical, radical feminist, increasingly pagan, etc.) era of deleterious heterodoxy in that major institution was thankfully coming to a head in a definitive but tumultuous end (with great relief to that denomination and to sound Christians everywhere).  I was also a pastor in that state for 5 years; associate intern pastor in a large Louisville S.B.C. church and pastor of a small, independent rural church near Leitchfield, KY for 3 years.  Returning to Colorado with my family, unable to find a position in the S.B.C., and lacking resources and to provide for my family I resumed my career as an accountant, eventually becoming the controller for an internet company.

Since joining a Continental (Dutch) heritage reformed church in the fall of 2011, Coram Deo Reformation Church, (a member of the United Reformed Churches of North America federation of churches – URCNA), I began exploring in depth the history and theological truths flowing out of the Protestant Reformation as that was led by a variety of profound, pious reformers.  That period (~1520-1680) I believe was a uniquely powerful, world-altering move of the Holy Spirit in God’s unfolding progression in and guidance of human history.  While the 1st century Pentecostal birth and founding of the New Testament church remains an powerful, unique, unrepeatable phenomena in God’s progressive unfolding of history, the Reformation period was somewhat like those post Pentecostal years in divine power and efficacy, a genuine renewal of faith, understanding, and gospel power.

As Rome began to  become more free-floating theologically, becoming increasingly biblically untethered and interpretively pretentious (becoming more obvious ~ 500 A.D.), it began divorcing itself from and increasingly substituting other things for the sole, final authority of Scripture in its teaching and practices, choosing instead to make those divinely given and sanctioned writings in effect subservient to man-made traditions and philosophical inventions, accruing power, influence, and prestige to itself at the expense of gospel faithfulness.  While mixed with and to this day including true believers, this biblical departure resulted in an often abysmal record of theological and ecclesiological perversions, superstitions, suppressions, moral turpitudes, and lust for power (life follows doctrine), over the centuries it has lost legitimacy to command the respect or allegiance of those for whom Christ died and was raised again.

The history of the Reformation can be traced down through mainstream reformed pastors and theologians primarily among the Dutch, German, English, Scottish, and French ‘Puritans’, the doctors at the old Princeton Seminary, the Westminster Seminaries, etc.  My chief criteria for theologians and their systems, is how high, compelling, faithful, sound, and profound their view of Holy Scripture is, their exegetical integrity, the soundness and overall quality of Biblical interpretation they exhibit, and the genuineness of a humble, penitent faith that issues in an increasingly pious, prayerful, God-glorifying life of God-motivated and approved good works.   Many of the reformers above, I believe, were outstanding (‘though certainly not perfect) in that, being divinely brought to a place of recognition of their position as helpless sinners before a holy, just, and loving God.  Such people have won my loyalty, gratitude, and respect as among the best of justified sinners who have faithfully taught, led, nourished, and protected Christ’s flock, wonderful gifts of Christ to His church.



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