A Well Ordered Church

INTRO: This is a medium-sized, well-produced paperback by EP Books of almost 200 pages, divided into 4 sections (Identity, Authority, Ecumenicity, Activity) containing 11 chapters.  It approaches the important topic of the church being divinely ordered, empowered, and vibrantly healthy from a Reformed (biblical, apostolic, catholic Protestant) perspective and uses […] Read more »


BRIEF OVERVIEW: This is a substantial (1.25″ thick), mid-sized, well produced paperback of ~600 pages in 18 chapters, each of which follow the author’s outline of Acts. The author, Dr. Waters, is a professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS. His stated goal is to provide, […] Read more »

The New Apostolic Reformation

OVERVIEW & SUMMARY: This book details the recent history, teachings, and impacts of a seemingly heretical and potentially destructive movement, the so-called New Apostolic Reformation, a movement involving a supposed latter day, “end-times”, divine raising up of authoritative apostles and prophets. These teachers / teachings mainly affect certain Pentecostal or […] Read more »