90 Days … of Wisdom for the Christian life

Keller & Allberry Wisdom

Keller & Allberry Wisdom

This book on wisdom is meant to take the reader through 90 days of Bible study, reflection, and prayer for a section of John’s gospel, Paul’s letter to the Romans, and James’ letter. It was furnished for review gratis by an excellent publisher, The Good Book Company and Cross-Focused Reviews. Thank you.

On the plus side, the authors seem orthodox in their grasp of Scripture and the resulting theology / doctrine that authentically flows from that. This book would be useful as a light, very basic introduction to those important portions of Scripture. Also format and production qualities are good.

But for me, due to its introductory level it was not too compelling being primarily suitable for those newer to the faith. Overall ~ 3.3 stars I suppose. Both authors have written other useful, helpful works.

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