The Resurrection in Your Life

In 10 chapters of ~ 140 pages, Baptist Pastor McKinley lays out a basic, introductory account of the resurrection of Christ and its significance for believers.  McKinley attempts to bring to life the meaning and impact of the resurrection for believers. Each chapter begins with lengthy Scripture quotes to give fuller context, ending with a few simple questions.


Strength(s):  Extensive use of Scripture, theology is orthodox.

Weakness(es):  McKinley’s style is generally breezy, somewhat verbose, and written in a popular style (which may be considered a strength to some). The end of chapter questions seemed simplistic and perhaps not all that helpful. Theology is pretty light.

Since I prefer more meaty treatments vs. those written with a verbose, breezy, popular style, this mostly was not really my cup of tea. It may be helpful to newer believers. Others can probably safely give this one a pass.  3-3.5 stars.  This book was provided gratis by the publisher and Cross-Focused Reviews in exchange for a  fair, honest review.

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