Purity is Possible

Purity is PossibleOVERVIEW & SUMMARY:
In this brief (~110 page), small format book, Helen Thorne addresses an (apparently) significant but little noticed issue of female indulgence in various types of sexual fantasy (via viewing, reading, imagination, behaviors, etc.) using various media (internet, movies, novels, real life, etc.) and the related consequences for character, relationships, and spirituality, things which also impact society. Since this may not be a major issue in the public eye (most probably think these behaviors are mainly a widespread plague for men and those they impact due to our normally higher testosterone levels / sex drive and our tendencies toward visual, outward, objective vs. relational orientation), it has received less attention than the perverse misuse of male sexuality.  This book is a general, non-scholarly, non-data driven introduction to what is apparently a serious problem in some countries and / or sub-cultures, probably more so in more technologically advanced and prosperous nations. Using Scripture and generally sound theology, Thorne explores some of the underlying causes, attractions, and other issues involving indulgence in sexual fantasies.

Strength(s):  Ms. Thorne has first-hand experience of the effects of sexual fantasizing as well as in her ministry to other women, knowing its profound, deleterious impact on individual’s character, relationships, and spiritual well-being. She uses personal knowledge, Scripture, and generally sound theology to point out that true beauty and fulfillment is found in Christ alone vs. the deceptive idols that we continually manufacture and allow to control our lives, much to our hurt and that of others.

Weakness(es):  The book is not data driven, being derived primarily from personal experience and so somewhat anecdotal.

Most people would consider it a given that sexual activity is one of the most powerfully pleasurable gifts of God and is an intensely powerful driver of human behavior (whether of thought, desire, and/or action). But like everything else, the divinely given boundaries of such activity, mental or physical (the mental normally preceding and driving the physical), have been set by the Maker of heaven and earth, being transgressed only to our extreme detriment.  Sexuality is a central area of morality and ethics, one which is likely widely and commonly transgressed by all people at some point, just as we transgress in all other areas of moral and ethical behavior to various extents, those actions stemming from the ubiquitous sinfulness of a fallen race (original sin) and our own willful, self-centered, darkened, rebellious choices. The book contains practical pointers and solid theology to help expose and counter the cheap, destructive substitutes and counterfeits offered by various forms of sexual licentiousness.

Christians (and all others actually) should remember to “… strive for peace with everyone and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord” Heb 12:14. That holiness is received solely by the divine gift of repentant faith in the risen Lord, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, and is a quality of character slowly being worked into the life of every true believer, to be perfected in glory alone.  This book was helpful to me in offering insight into such licentious attractions for women. It was provided gratis by the publisher and Cross-Focused Reviews in exchange for a fair review.

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