Foundation of Communion With God

John Owen Trinitarian PietyIn this short book, Ryan McGraw introduces us to one of the great English theologians of the 17th century, John Owen. Owen is not a quick or easy read; rather he requires one to reflect slowly, carefully, and prayerfully on the ideas presented in light of Scripture to know whether his take on the subject at hand accurately represents God’s revelation of Himself and of our situation as attested in Scripture.

For this book, McGraw selected brief sections of Owen’s writings, organizing them in three sections of 41 brief chapters. Sections are ”Knowing God as Triune”, “Heavenly Mindedness and Apostasy”, and “Covenant and Church”.  Owen believes that it is essential for believers to have genuine, growing fellowship or communion with God the Father in love as original authority, with God the Son in personal grace and other attributes arising from His sole purchased treasury of merit, and with God the Spirit in comfort and the immediate efficacy of His actions.

The high point of this fellowship is found in weekly worship with other believers, worship conducted in accordance with God’s requirements found in Scripture and in the sound, covenantal theology arising from that. And the piety of the Christian is to be increasingly, genuinely Trinitarian in practice.

There is much more here for the careful reader in this recommended book, things to ponder for our knowledge of and fellowship with the Triune God to His endless glory and our profound good. This book was provided gratis by the publisher and Cross-Focused Reviews in exchange for a review.

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